Heidi Rodewald

Wednesday Week was Heidi's first band--she joined between the recording of Betsy's House and its release. Initially brought into the band to play bass and sing background vocals, Heidi eventually began writing songs and singing lead on them. After the first national tour supporting What We Had, Heidi left the band, citing a distaste for touring. Heidi moved to guitar and went on to form The Novaks with ex-Atomic Kid/Zippers/Venus & the Razorblades/Slow Children bassist Danielle Faye. After the Novaks, Heidi joined October Rain, which included Wednesday Week (v.12) drummer Jeff Burgess and WW co-producer Scott Mullen (Fan Club singles #2 and #3, plus the Unhinged flexi) on lead guitar. The band changed its name to Experience Leland and released a song, Cuss You, on the Closet Pop Freak (PopPsycle Records PY-CD1, 1996) compilation, along with Mirror by Lucky. Currently, Heidi is back on bass and part of The Negro Problem.