Links To Friends, Family and Strangers We Like

Kristi's website
Kelly Callan's Avebury Records
A great pop music festival - International Pop Overthrow
Steve Wynn's WynnWeb
Happy Squid Records
The Multi-talented Robert Lloyd's House of Here
The Negro Problem featuring Heidi Rodewald
Pics of Heidi playing with Stew at the Knitting Factory, 7.01 by Mr. Hollywood
Salon interviews Heidi and Stew
Lots of pics of Kristi (w/ David) by John Perry
Tons of pics of Kelly in dragsterbarbie by John Perry
David Nolte is a featured member of David Gray's band
Trouser Press's Ira Robbins weighs in on Wednesday Week
The David Nolte Story!
Search for Wednesday Week on eBay
Wednesday Week on BandToBand
ZachsView of Wednesday Week
Lucky, a '90s band featuring Kristi, Kelly and David
Kelly named #33 best female drummer of all-time by Lady Music Net (between Georgia Hubley of Yo La Tengo and June Miles Kingston of The Mo-dettes)
Christmas Here named #40 Top Christmas Song by Randy's Rodeo
No, the name Narrow Adventure did not come from a Harry Dickson comic.
K Callan's cool books from Sweden Press
Pics of Kristi and David playing at Spaceland, 10.22.00
Joe Beine's pics of Wednesday Week, 20.10.86
Joe Beine took this cool picture of Kelly at Club Lingerie in 1987
A great band we miss - The Reivers
Another great band we missed, but is back together - The Undertones
Read all about The Last
Kristi and Heidi sang while David played with The Wondermints at the Lee Hazelwood Tribute, 9.1.99
Kristi and Heidi sang on The Ventures' V-Gold and Walk Don't Run 2000 CDs
Midnight Records
Rhino Records
The Dionysus Empire
Poptopia - The World of Power Pop
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