WarFrat Tales

WarFrat Records

Format: LP (SLP0183)


Anyone Like Me (Callan/Callan)
Boy You Got Me Good (Callan/Callan)


Kristi Callan: vocals, guitar
Kelly Callan: drums
Kjehl Johansen: bass
David Nolte: guitar
Steve Andrews: guitar
Vitus Mataré: keyboards


Produced by Vitus Mataré at Lyceum Sound, Mar Vista, CA. Note: This is a different version of Boy You Got Me Good than on What We Had.

Other Musicians on WarFrat Tales

The Last - Try To Rise (Vitus Mataré/Joe Nolte)
The Leaving Trains - Leaving Train
100 Flowers - 100 Flowers (John Talley-Jones/Kjehl Johansen)
Earwigs - Stop The Clock
The Rain Parade - I Look Around
The Question? - Brand New World
100 Flowers - From The Fire (John Talley-Jones/Kjehl Johansen)
The Question? - Shall Be Love
The Rain Parade - This Can't Be Today
The Clockwatchers - Misshap At Greebsley's (David Nolte on bass)
The Leaving Trains - Creeping Coastline of Lights
The Last - Brand New Drug (Vitus Mataré)