The Enigma Variations 2

Enigma Records

Format: Double LP (SQBB-73247), CD (CDEX-73247) and Cassette (4XQB-73247)


Wednesday Week - That Train (Kristi Callan)
Wednesday Week - Why (Rodewald)
Don Dixon - Why (Rodewald) (Wednesday Week backing track with Don Dixon singing)


Kristi Callan: vocals (lead on That Train), guitar
Kelly Callan: drums
Heidi Rodewald: vocals (lead on Why), bass
David Nolte: lead guitar
Don Dixon: lead vocal (on his version of Why)


That Train produced by David Nolte.

Both versions of Why produced by Don Dixon, engineered by Steve Haigler, and recorded and mixed at Reflection Sound Studio, Charlotte, NC. Note: This is the same version of Why found on What We Had.

Other Musicians on The Enigma Variations 2

Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper - Burn Down The Malls
TSOL - Colors (Take Me Away)
The Dead Milkmen - The Thing That Only Eats Hippies
Agent Orange - Fire In The Rain
Plan 9 - Man Bites Dog
Wire - Ahead
Don Dixon - Praying Mantis
Game Theory - Erica's Word
Jon St. James - Rainy Taxi
Peter Hammill - Too Many Yesterdays
Plan 9 - Ship of Fools
The Dead Milkmen - Stupid Maryann
Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper - Amsterdam Dog Shit Blues
TSOL - Best Friends
Agent Orange - Bite The Hand That Feeds (Part II) Remix
Wire - Drill
Game Theory - Shark Pretty
SSQ - Pleasure Dog
Peter Hammill - Painting By Numbers