Soundtrack: Under Cover

Enigma Records

Formats: LP (SJ-73276), cassette (4XJ-73276) and CD (CDE-73276, Europe)


Wednesday Week - Why
Wednesday Week - Missionary


Kristi Callan: guitar and background vocals
Kelly Callan: drums
Heidi Rodewald: lead vocals and bass
David Nolte: lead guitar

Other Artists on the Under Cover Soundtrack

Todd Rundgren with Michael Cotton - Undercover, Panic #1, Looking Out/Undercover-Goin' South, Chest Shaving, No Smoking, Undercover At Nellies, Sittin On It, Lucas Gets Lothalgic, Shef Gets Serious, The Key's In The Flower Pot, Finale
TSOL - Revenge
Agent Orange - It's In Your Head
Passionnel - Everything Golden

Movie Credits

Starring: David Neidorf, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Barry Corbin, David Harris, Kathleen Whilhoite, David Denny and Brent Hadaway
Produced by: Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus
Written by: John Stockwell and Scott Fields
Directed by: John Stockwell