The Girls Can't Help It

Rhino Records

Format: LP (RNLP024)


You Wanted Me To Hang Around You (Gary Valentine)


Kristi Callan: vocals, guitar
Kelly Callan: drums
Heidi Rodewald: bass
Tom Alford: lead guitar


Produced and engineered by Vitus Mataré at Lyceum Sound, Mar Vista, CA.

Other Musicians on The Girls Can't Help It

Leslee Swanson - Each Time
Laura Zambo - Patience
Sophisticated Boom Boom - The Only One
The Pandoras - You Lie
The Dynette Set - Seed of Love
On The Air - Even Try (Karin Coon/Jennifer Dorfman) (Jennifer on lead guitar and background vocals)
Chris Somme - Can't Stop The World
Tiger Lily - Die Laughing
Ru Carley - Boys In L.A.
Antoinettes - Never Let Go
Jane Bond and the Undercover Men - Run To Him (Ethan James/Lisa Mitchell) (Produced by Ethan James, Joe Nolte on guitar)
The Signals - Little Boy